What do I need to pack?

Pack light.  Towel, waterproof camera. We provide water and the rest of the gear, including a dry bag.

What if I am pregnant or have had past injuries?

Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the rappel portion of the tour, and those with back injuries or other medical conditions are participating at their own risk.

What do I wear?

Men: swim trunks or light-weight, quick dry shorts.  Fitted quick-dry shirt.

Women:  surf shorts, yoga pants or quick dry pants.  Fitted shirt, tankini, or bikini top is fine.

*Loose/baggy tops and jewelry are hazardous and could prevent you from participating in the rappel.*

It the winter bring a wetsuit top, if you have one.  Rentals are available at check-in.  Whatever you wear will get wet, so bring another set of clothes to change into a the end of the trip.


What shoes should I wear?

Flip flops and sneakers are NOT allowed.  Personal sneakers can become heavy and muddy quickly but is sufficient for the Kayak Waterfall Adventure, kayak and hike tour, otherwise rentals are available at check-in.  If you do not own proper footwear for the rappel tour, we include use of our felted bottom shoes for your comfort and safety upon check-in at Da Life Outdoor Gear.

Will we need sunscreen?

Use only waterproof sunscreen, or it will wash off.  We prefer to keep the stream fresh, without lotions and potions.  You may wear a baseball cap or visor under your helmet.


Yes, this is a rainforest.  If you do not have your own repellent you can purchase an all-natural repellent at Da Life Outdoor Gear upon check-in.

Are there bathrooms?

There are toilets at check-in and at the top of the training grounds.

Will I survive?

Trust your guides. Trust yourself, You can do it!

What if the weather is bad?

Do not assume Island Adventures has called off your tour if you see rain!

Sometimes we will rappel in less than ideal weather conditions.  But never in unsafe conditions.

What if I am afraid?

Everyone’s biggest fear is falling.  If you slip or fall you can catch yourself with your rope and braking skills.  Also know that on guide watches you from the top while the other guide is standing below.  In the event of a slip, the guide below has a hand on your rope and can apply a “fireman’s belay” by tightening the rope and applying the brake for you until you regain your footing.

How does the rappel work?

Your dominant hand controls your descent.  You let up allowing the rope to move through the rappel device as you walk down.  And you clinch the rope in the device to stop yourself.

What if I can’t swim?

Kayaks trips have optional life vests that are offered before launching.

The life vests cannot be used for rappel due to safety in it hindering proper mobility.

They are not necessary to swim at the waterfall pool below because it is shallow enough to stand.  The deepest spots are about 5ft.

Is there an age limit or weight restriction for rappel?

The age restriction for rappel is 12yrs and up, must be able to walk up 8 flights of stairs, and waist must be between 23″ and 50″


This is my first rappel. Can anyone do this?

The thought of dangling off a waterfall may be intimidating. Just know that included in your first rappel experience is a thorough hands-on lesson and several guided practice descents on different sections of a dry wall.


Is it Safe?

“We make safety our top priority” says our safety manager Charlie Cobb- Adams (aka Hawaiian Dundee.)

No expense is spared on our equipment.  It is simply the best gear that meets and often exceeds industry standards for strength and durability.  Ropes rated to 6,o00lbs; caribeeners rated to 5,000 lbs are maintained in top conditions.  And by the way, we use the gear ourselves.